Setting up your True Vine Online Email
Please follow the guide first. If you have trouble you can call for help. 252-562-9083

Android Phone Directions

If you have never had your TrueVine email on your Android device (phone or tablet) you can find the setup instructions by CLICKING HERE.

If you are preparing for the migration From Gmail to our new Powerxmail continue reading...

The migration instructions provided to us by Powerxmail say to remove the TrueVine account from the Gmail app.
Since your contacts (address book) will not be visible in the Email app until the migration is finished (about June 29) you might wish to keep using your Gmail app setup until then.
You should still set up the Powerxmail NOW so you won't be caught without your email when the final change happens

Your Android device (phone or tablet) has 2 different Email apps. Gmail and Email
As you would suspect the Gmail app is ONLY for Gmail, and will not access our new Powerxmail.
You will use the Email app once the transition is complete.
This is how the 2 apps look on your device.

Instructions are here for setting up the Email app with the Powerxmail settings:

Once you no longer need the Gmail app (after the final transition), you can remove the TrueVine account from the Gmail app as described on this page:

If you have questions or problems phone us 252-562-9083