Setting up your True Vine Online Email
Please follow the guide first. If you have trouble you can call for help. 252-562-9083

Outlook 2007 Directions

Below are directions for setting up your Outlook 2007 to point to our new mail servers.

1) First open up Outlook and along the top you'll see a menu that says "Tools", from there click "Account Settings".

2) You'll then see a list of your email accounts, most likely you'll have one, most likely it will be named "", "Truevine" or named after your email address. Click it to select it, then click "Change".

3) Then you will have the email accounts window. You'll fill in the information as described below. Some of this may already be there and not need to be changed.

   User Information:

   Your Name: Your Name

   Email Address: your email address in!)

   Server Information


   Outgoing Mail:

   Logon Information:

   Account Name:, put your email address in!)

   Password: password(Put in your password, not just the word password)

   Be sure to click "Remember password" to keep Outlook for asking for your password every time you check your mail.

   Then click "More Settings"

4) This will bring up an Email Settings window. We need to make a few more changes.

   Click on the tab marked "Outgoing Mail Server"

   Make sure that "My server requires authentication" is checked if it isn't already. Below that, make sure "Use same Settings as my Incoming Mail Server" is selected

5)Then click the tab marked "Advanced". Make sure that "This server requires a secure connection(SSL)" is checked under Outgoing mail and Incoming Mail. Doing this should change the numbers that are already in there. That's ok, we want them to change. If they didn't the numbers are Incoming Server: 995 and Outgoing Server: 465 as seen in the picture below.
If your account is set up as IMAP (not pop) the incoming server port will be 993

From there, you can click "OK", you'll be brought back to the Email Settings, you can click "Next". Your email is now ready to be checked so go ahead and check your email. You probably have a lot of email waiting for you so let it all download! 

If you have trouble call us for help 252-562-9083.