Setting up your True Vine Online Email
Please follow the guide first. If you have trouble you can call for help. 252-562-9083

Windows Live Mail Directions

The following is directions on pointing Windows Live Mail toward our new email servers.

1) Open Windows Live Mail. Along the top, you will notice the option "Accounts". From there you'll click on "Properties", it will have a picture of a @ with a checkmark on it as pictured below.

2)  The Properties will then be displayed. You will want to click the second tab, marked "Servers". You will want to fill in the following information below as displayed.

   Incoming Mail:

   Outgoing Mail:

   Incoming Mail Server

   Account Name: user, with YOUR email address)

   Password: password(Replace password, with YOUR password)

    Check "Remember Password" so you're not nagged to put in your password all the time... but always keep your password handy!

   Outgoing Mail Server

   Check My server requires authentication

   Settings(button) > Make sure "Use same Settings as my Incoming Mail Server" is selected

3) Then click on the tab marked "Advanced"

 Make sure that "This server requires a secure connection(SSL)" is checked under Outgoing mail and Incoming Mail as seen below.

Note: If your email is set up as IMAP (not POP3) then your incoming port is 993 (not 995)

Check your email! If you are still having trouble after this, please call us 252-562-9083