Parental Controls for Android Phones
        and Tablets


Requires that you already have signed up for service.
(If you haven't signed up, go HERE.)

You will need your username and password that we assigned.

Installation Instructions
Step 1 - Use your phone/tablet to download the app. Search the Android Market (Google Play) for: TVOBLOCKIT
Step 2 - Install the app.
Step 3 - Once installed, open the TVO-BLOCKIT browser.
Step 4 - Use your device's MENU button to open the TVO BLOCKIT menu.
Step 5 - Select SETTINGS (looks like a dial)
Step 6 - Scroll down and select PARENTAL CONTROL. (On older versions of the software look under PRIVACY SETTINGS)
Step 7 - Enter the USERNAME and PASSWORD (see above).
             Under MOBILE USER put the first name of the person who uses the phone/tablet
Step 8 - ENABLE PARENTAL CONTROLS to turn on the blocking/filtering.
Step 9 - BLOCK APPLICATIONS ... This is VERY important. You should be sure to block the following:
                - The Android Web Browser and any other Web Browsers (Firefox etc.)
                - Any other apps you might want blocked (example: Facebook)
PLEASE NOTE:    After blocking apps, use the BACK KEY on your phone to save changes.
                        Do NOT use the HOME key until AFTER you get out from the ENABLE PARENTAL CONTROLS screen.
                        (By using the BACK KEY will your changes be saved, otherwise they are lost and must be done again)

ONCE INSTALLED ... The filtering rules can be managed from any PC or Mac by logging in here:

The customer is responsible for taking the above actions to insure it is secure and other browsers cannot be used.
QUESTIONS?  HELP?  PHONE US 1-252-562-9083
or TOLL FREE (if above number is a toll call from your phone) 1-877-878-3846
Please call on a different phone, not the phone you are filtering.

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