TVO filtering for iPhone blocks pornography

TVO BLOCKIT for iPhone/iPad/iPod

Installation Instructions
Step 1 - Use your phone to download the app. Search the App Store for: TVOBLOCKIT
Step 2 - Install the app.
Step 3 - Once installed, open the TVO-BLOCKIT browser.
Step 4 - Enter the USERNAME and PASSWORD (see above).
             Under MOBILE USER put the first name of the person who uses the phone
Step 5 - Your filter is logged in and will open to a blank web page and is ready to be used to browse the internet.

Step 6 - IMPORTANT! ENABLE PARENTAL CONTROLS (known as Restrictions) on your device: Once installed, the filtering rules can be managed from any PC or Mac by logging in here:

The customer is responsible for taking the above actions to insure it is secure and other browsers cannot be used.
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