Frontier Family Fest

While sponsored by several area chruches the Frontier Family Fest is held at the Altoona Volunteer Sportsmen's Association (AVSA), 1448 Veterans Memorial Highway (also known as Kittanning Point Road).


Head out of Altoona as if you were going to the Horseshoe Curve. The entrance to the club is 0.7 miles past the intersection with 58th street. If you make it to the Horseshoe curve you have gone way too far. A sign for the event is on the left but you turn right onto the concrete road. Please drive slowly so you don't kick up dust on the neighbors. You will go through a single lane tunnel built by the Pennsylvania Rail Road. On the other side of the tunnel, follow the road through the S curve. You will see the field and club house to your right. You can park on your left.

Please note we had to change the address number on the map below to get the marker at the correct place.