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Dr. Engle

Dr. Engle's Schedule for Spring 2023 Finals ScheduleFinals Schedule
Dr. Engle's Classes for Spring 2023
Immunology BIOL 360 Section 01 - Lecture MWF 10:00-10:50, 007 Pierce Hall Final - Day 1 = Thursday 4 May 11:00-1:00
Biochemistry CHEM 401 Section 01 - Lecture MWF 12:00-12:50, 007 Pierce Hall Final Day 1 = Thursday 4 May 2:00-4:00
Microbiology BIOL 210 Section 01 - Lecture MW 3:00-4:15, 007 Pierce Hall; Lab R 9:00-10:50, 103 Pierce Hall Final - Day 1 = Thursday 4 May 11:00-1:00
Section 02 - Lecture TR 2:00-3:15, 003 Pierce Hall; Lab F 2:00-3:50, 103 Pierce Hall Final - Day 2 = Friday 5 May 2:00-400

Additional Student Information:

Weather Delays and Compressed Schedule

In the event of a delayed opening, MAC will follow a compressed schedule. This will provide students with the opportunity to attend all scheduled classes on delay days with each class meeting for a shorter than usual session. For the Compressed Schedule for delay days, go to the following link.

Technology and Communication Assistance Statement

All students are expected to regularly log in to the Blackboard course website. The site contains the syllabus and assignments, and supplementary materials will be placed there on a regular basis. Furthermore, important announcements will be posted on the site (especially if a class period is canceled due to weather, illness, etc.). For assistance in using Blackboard, please contact the Blackboard administrator at (Blackboard@mtaloy.edu ).

College offices and instructors often communicate important information through the MAC email system. Students should check their school email account regularly. For technical or log-in credential questions, please contact the help desk at (helpdesk@mtaloy.edu or 814-886-6502).

College Academic Integrity Statement

Mount Aloysius College is committed to the academic integrity of the entire community. All share responsibility for maintaining high standards of academic integrity, and no forms of academic dishonesty are tolerated. Forms of academic dishonesty include but are not restricted to: giving or receiving unauthorized assistance on an examination, project, or assignment; using unauthorized forms of assistance such as crib notes or cell phones on an examination; falsification of data or plagiarism (using another person's ideas or words as your own); and lying or falsifying reasons for missing examinations or class.

A student found guilty of lying, cheating, or plagiarism, depending on the nature of the offense and the history of the student, is usually subject to one or both of the following: a grade of zero on the assignment, project, or examination or a grade of F in the course. All cases of lying, cheating, or plagiarism where a punishment is incurred are reported to the Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs, who maintains a record of all offenses. Serial offenders may be subject to suspension or dismissal.

College Accomodations Statement

Accommodations Statement: Mount Aloysius College is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities. Students with disabilities who wish to request accommodation are required to contact Ms. Shannon Grove, MSN, RN, Director of Health and Wellness to formally request accommodations and provide supporting documentation. Her office is located in St. Joseph Hall, Room 102, 814-886-6391. If you receive approval for accommodations, it is important that you stop by the office at the start of the semester so necessary arrangements can be made.

Attendance Policy

Attendance at all lecture and lab sessions is mandatory. It is your responsibility to notify the instructor prior to missing an exam or laboratory and you must have a valid reason. The instructor reserves the right to judge the validity of the excuse. If you miss an exam, you are responsible for taking the exam within one week of your return. There are no makeup labs unless you are able to come to another section during the same week and obtain instructor permission. Failure of the student to follow the steps outlined above will result in a grade of "0" for the missed exam or lab!

Conflict Resolution Statement

Should a student encounter difficulty with course content or other aspects of the course, the first action should be to make an appointment to speak with the instructor. The instructor may suggest resources on campus or other tips to assist student learning. If a student has concerns with their instructor, then the best course of action is to seek out a meeting with the Science and Math Department Chair, Dr. John Whitlock, 814-886-6536, JWhitlock@mtaloy.edu. to discuss the difficulties. If an agreeable decision is not reached, the student should then request a meeting with the Dean, Dr. Chris Lovett, 814-886-6458, clovett@mtaloy.edu. The Faculty, Department Chairs, and Deans are committed to treating all students with respect and fairness. Additional information is outlined in the academic grievance policy in the College catalog.


Grades are NOT curved. Grades are based on the total amount of points accumulated. Your grade can be calculated by dividing the sum of all your exam scores by the total number of possible points. Other grades (E, W, WP, WF) will be assigned as described in the College Catalog.

Grading Scale:


Every laboratory user should observe the following rules:

  1. Know the potential hazards and appropriate safety precautions before beginning work.
  2. Know the location and use of emergency equipment, including safety showers, eyewash stations and safety kits.
  3. Know the types of personal protective equipment available and how to use it for each procedure. Goggles must be used when there is a risk of splash, when working with Bunsen burners or when doing dissections. Disposable gloves must be used when doing dissections and must be supplied by the student. Closed-toed shoes should be worn at all times when using any Pierce Hall laboratory. Loose and torn clothing may pose a hazard in the laboratory. For your protection you must use clothing that is at least knee length when seated during laboratories. Wear clothing that, if damaged, would not be a serious loss, or use aprons or laboratory coats because chemicals may damage fabric.
  4. Never block safety equipment or doors and keep aisles clear and free from tripping hazards.
  5. Familiarize yourself with the emergency response procedures, alarms and building evacuation routes.
  6. Familiarize yourself with the equipment you will be using. Pay extra care when working with glass and when using dissecting equipment, whether cutting or assisting. Take good care of equipment and report any damage to your instructor.
  7. Prevent pollution by following waste disposal procedures. Chemical reactions may require traps to prevent the release of toxic substances to the laboratory or to the environment. Use fume hoods if necessary.
  8. Combine reagents in the appropriate order and avoid adding solids to hot liquids.
  9. Do not prepare, store or consume food or beverages in any Pierce Hall laboratory. Microwaves and refrigerators are for laboratory use only, not to heat or store food. If you are instructor and need to heat/store food or drinks please use microwave /refrigerator in Staff Room PH204A.
  10. Do not smoke in any Pierce Hall laboratory.
  11. Do not apply cosmetics when in the laboratory.
  12. Use a pipette bulb or a mechanical pipetting device to provide a vacuum. Never use mouth suction to pipette chemicals or to start a siphon.
  13. Be alert to unsafe conditions and actions and bring them to the attention of your supervisor or lab manager immediately so that corrections can be made as soon as possible. Report any injury to your instructor immediately. After dealing with the incident, instructors should fill out an incident report.

For additional information you can consult Mount Aloysius College Laboratory Chemical Hygiene Plan and the Science and Mathematics Department Safety Manual