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Research J. Michael Engle

It has been shown that undergraduate research helps prepare students for success in graduate school and in the work place. As a result we (the faculty in the Science and Mathematics Department encourage students to participate in research. Students should ask their faculty about their research and what projects they have for students to participate in.

The department has an interest in Acid Mine Drainage (AMD). This research involves chemistry, environmental biology, and molecular biology students. As a result many faculty and students are involved in diverse areas of this research topic.

My personal research background lies in ExtraCellular Matrix (ECM). Think of this combination of carbohydrates and proteins as the glue that holds your body together. The ECM is constantly being broken down and rebuild all throughout the life of the organism. Normally this process runs along without any problem. But sometimes illnesses do occur. Examples of ECM diseases I have worked on are Rheumatoid and Osteo arthritis. Currently I am interested in ECM of placenta.