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Christian Living

How to live a Christian life. We hope the pages here will help you to have a fuller blessed everyday life. Being a Christian in these times is not always easy. We gathered these links to help you. We included some with recipes and household hints. Don't forget, an important part of a Christian household is staying away from pornography. We can help with that. 

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Online prayer for marriages as well as inspirational publications.
Mysteries of the Bible  
Participate in new, weekly explorations of Bible mysteries., including Torah Codes, Ancient Chronology, Lost Tribes, Dead Sea Scrolls, Origins of Christianity, Egyptology, Biblical Archaeology, etc.. 
A Christian directory for the whole family.
The Family Homestead -
Offers information on topics including food and nutrition, home schooling, child training, gardening and home management from a Christian mother of eight. Includes a discussion group, message board and a newsletter.
Lines From The Vine -
Daily devotional and homemaking discussion from Christian mom of eight. Discussion revolves around life in a big family, raising children, old fashioned living in a modern world.
Old Fashioned Homemaking -
Includes recipes, holiday ideas, organizing tips.
A Virtuous Woman -
Offers a guide based on Proverbs 31. Includes articles, a newsletter, discussion board and volunteer opportunities.
Acts 17:11 Bible Studies -
In-depth studies on various topics of interest to Christians or those seeking to learn more about Christianity.
.Biblenotes -
The entire Bible, both Old and New Testaments, is summarized with easy to read review notes and key points. A useful resource for everyone.
Bible Resource Center - Providing Biblical theology and teachings in Christianity.

Bible Studies by Aggelia Publishing - Bible Studies on a variety of difficult subjects, such as: the Trinity, death, Sabbath, Once saved always saved, hell, and rapture. Bible Study Tools from Xenos - A collection of Bible study tools including exegetical outlines, topical outlines, practical theology notes, Real Audio Bible teachings and more.
Bible Writer -
These materials explain the faithfulness and character of the God of the Scriptures. There are lessons on basic faith, forgiveness, true happiness, and the joy of being in God's presence in prayer.
Christian Internet Forum -
Proving the Bible is the word of God by examining the Bible's prophecies and its accuracy.

Didaskalos Ministries -
Conservative Christian Bible study site, offering 400 informative articles, sermons, study outlines, and links to other Christian sites.

Hearing the Shepherd's Voice -
A deeper look at the Bible with studies helpful for day to day life. Also has devotions and meditations.

Joyce Meyer Ministries -
Studies that you can order online by phone or snail mail. A wide range of topics dealing with living daily life. Television schedules, a mailing list and prayer requests are also included.
The Gospel Way -
Free Bible study lessons, spiritual guidance, and instruction in religion. Gain knowledge and understanding about Christ, salvation, morality, Jesus' church, and the true worship of God.
Matthew Henry Complete Commentary -
In-depth commentary of every verse of the bible. Indexed by book and chapter.
Ichthys: Bible Study Archive -
Topical and verse by verse studies of the scriptures.
Releasing the Kingdom to the Church and the Nations.
The Messiah Returns -
Bible studies dealing with the return of Jesus Christ and other helpful topics. Also has links to Christian graphics and midi files.
People of Truth -
An Evangelical Christian, bible believing, non-profit organization promoting holiness, and establishing a holy nation preparing for the return of God's son, Jesus Christ.
The Organization for Biblical Studies - Topical and line-by-line studies of the books of the Bible. Studies include figures of speech, idioms and symbology from the original Biblical languages.
World Wide Study Bible -
Collection of Bible-related resources on the Web organized by scripture reference.
The Rain Students of God's Word- Bible studies designed for people new to Christianity to give them a better understanding of God's Word We Spread The Word
Internet Christian Search Engine
Wisdom of the Bible -
An exploration of the Bible's major wisdom teachings as they relate to everyday life. Topics include Family Life, Generosity, Government, Wealth, Humility, Good vs. Evil, and Bible Translations. With generous quotations from the Bible.
Absolute Holiness -
Using a Biblical perspective, holiness in a Christian life is defined, asks if it is expected by God and examines if any Christians have stopped sinning.
What Saith the Scripture - Overview of the rapture and events of the tribulation. Includes prophecy, poetry, extensive library of online books, Alexander Scourby via Live Audio, stories, and links.
The Ark -
Discusses practical spiritual growth in reference to sanctification and grace and other contemporary issues.
Authentic Walk Ministries -
Free discipleship course designed to help a Christian grow.
Bible Bell Chronicles -
Bible-based guidance on family, human relations, personal needs and problems.
The Cosmic Gift -
Personal stories, testimonies and inspiration for living life for Jesus Christ, with information on the kingdom of God, signs of the end and other articles.
The Crossings Community -
Seeks to improve Christian ministry in the secular world through educational programs, research, publication, and networking with kindred spirits.
CyberSaint -
Seeks the well being of all Christians through singles ministry, doctrinal apologetics, Christian education (Bible study), intercessory prayer and Scenario publications.
Exchanged Life -
Sermons, Bible study, prophecy, and Trinity studies. Essays on creation and evolution, with an emphasis on giving scientific evidence for a short chronology of this earth. -
Popular destination for Christian living support and community with forums and chat rooms.
Living The Solution -
Practical everlasting solutions to life's many challenges. Site features articles, resources, prayer requests, Bible search and shopping.
Make My Christian Life Work -
A practical guide for those looking for specific solutions to making Christianity relevant and effective in their daily lives.
Mr. Renaissance: Spiritual and Philosophic Reflections
Home of Le Penseur Réfléchit, a bi-weekly newsletter. Also essays, memoirs, inspirational writings, and poetry.
People of Faith .com -
Practical articles, devotions and resources for everyday Christian life.
Repentance -
Shows the importance of repentance and how to joyfully repent in order to continue and deepen a relationship with God.
Third -
Shares thoughts, resources and Bible studies as well as trying to stimulate conversation on various topics of Christian interests also encouragement to action.
Welcome 2 Jesus -
Articles on salvation found in life with and belief in Jesus. Topics such as healing, eternal life, faith prosperity, peace and doubt with a prayer garden, testimonies and links.
WGHATAP Ministries -
Prayer, devotions, Bible reading plan, inspirational stories, and many links.
Abundant Bible -
Study courses by e-mail and snail mail only. Also has a devotional mailing list.
Homemaking Organized -
Working on homemaking, organizing, parenting and all things that might make you feel frazzled.

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