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Seeking Jesus Christ - Are you seeking the Truth in your life?
We hope these links will help you do just that. Don't let the sin of pornography get in your way. It is easy to be tempted by pornography but having your Internet filtered can help. Since 1999 True Vine Online has helped Christian families stay free of pornography. Sign up for a free trial so you won't be tempted.

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L'Abri Fellowship -
Study centers in Europe and America where individuals can seek answers to honest questions about God and the significance of human life. L'Abri conferences provide lectures, discussions and personal interaction on a variety of ethical and cultural issues. Founded in 1955 by Francis Schaeffer.
Plunder Hell!! Populate Heaven!! -
Christian Stuff - Ministry Tools! If you want to Populate Heaven - You have to Plunder Hell! This site deals mainly with disability issues from a Christian perspective. There is listings for a Christian based handicapped camp as well as information on starting a disabilities ministry in your own church. Also included are several unique ministries listed including a Biker Outreach, Ministry to Exotic Dancers, and Family Ministries.

Preparing For Eternity -
A gospel ministry devoted to spreading God's last day message of love to the world before the soon second coming of Christ.
To be a Christian -
An eight-lesson guide on how to become and live as a Christian.
How Do I Become a Christian -
What the Bible has to say about basic doctrines and becoming a Christian.
In His Steps Ministries: Spiritual Seekers -
Archaeological information on the crucifixion and resurrection and on other religions, FAQ, recommended books and links, and contact information for those who wish to talk to someone about Christianity. -
Interactive discussion of the process of seeking for God and providing information on Christianity.

God Help Me Please -
Articles and examples of how God has helped and healed other people. Prayer requests welcomed.
Seek God, Find God, Know God -
Inspiration to seek God and information to know God.
Way to God -
Articles, answers to basic questions, testimonies, dialogues, and audio presentations to help people searching for the way to God.

The Global Church of Miracles and Healing -
How to receive miracles through faith in Jesus. -
The Gospel explained through simple questions and answers from the Bible.
Behind the Badge - Former deputy sheriff shares how Jesus Christ transformed his life.

Myring Ministries -
Written as a love letter from God.
Answers for Seekers -
A number of videos answering basic questions in apologetics.
Learn about Jesus -
A presentation describing Jesus Christ for seekers. Resources for evangelism. Offered by the Evangelical Lutheran Church Board of Evangelism.

What Christianity Is All About -
An introduction to Christianity with answers to tough questions and advice on choosing a church. An article about the origin of the New Testament.
Healing The Body of Christ -
Information for people considering Christianity as well as help for new Christians and for Christians who desire to restore and strengthen their spiritual lives.
Be a Christian -
Explanation of what being a Christian is, how to become a Christian, possible problems and advantages, and what to do next.

Miracles of Christ Today -
Miracle healing testimonies of people healed of cancer, deafness, MS, stroke, schizophrenia, paralysis and raised from the dead, with faith building Christian articles.
Is Jesus Christ the Answer to Your Questions? -
Multilingual definitions of Christian concepts and answers to questions about Christianity and difficult life issues. -
Step-by-step information on Jesus and how to grow closer to God, with links to more resources on Christianity.
The Truth is the Truth -
Thoughts on the nature of truth, comparison of the attributes of God and Jesus, passages of Christian teachings, and links to more resources.
Runaway World -
A work of cultural apologetics by Michael Green contending that Christianity provides the best and most satisfying answer to a world running out of control.

Spending Time with Jim McGuiggan -
Weekly messages as well as brief articles on a variety of topics for new believers, non-believers, and mature Christians.
Hope in Jesus -
Read teachings and instruction for overcoming sin, Satan and this world by true Christianity.
Articles for Non-Christians -
Dozens of short writings about heaven, suicide, sex, God, healing, Jesus, religion, romance, forgiveness, and the purpose of life.

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