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What is Evangelism? Simply put...

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it's taking advantage of opportunities to share what you know about Jesus with others.
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Bringing the Gospel of Grace to the Web. Free computer software and the message of salvation.

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association    -
Organization supporting the evangelistic ministry of Billy Graham to take the message of Christ to the world. Find answers to spiritual questions, view online magazine, crusade schedule, and other links.

Gideons International    -
Distributing God's Holy Word and winning others for Christ.
Christ for all Nations, Cfan -
 Internationally known Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke World mission website. Focused on evangelism in Africa.

Dewayne Cunningham Ministries -
An evangelistic, missions organization that is dedicated to taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.
Introduction to Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship International.
Francis Asbury Society -
People wholly devoted to Christ and to assisting people move toward spiritual wholeness. Resources, speakers, conferences, and retreats. Books for sale.

God's Word to Women -
Teachings and encouragement for women to fulfill God's original plan for them.
Knox Fellowship -
Committed to assisting the church in evangelism and discipleship by developing outreach ministries, vision, goals, strategies and training church leaders.
Luis Palau Evangelistic Association -
Conducts events worldwide, in English and Spanish. Biography, schedule, and articles and other resources.
The Navigators (U.S.) -
The US branch of an evangelism and discipleship training organization equipping Christians for a life of faith through one-to-one relationships and small-group studies focused on discipleship.

Point Man International Ministries -
An evangelistic organization for service veterans and their families.
Repent America -
An evangelistic organization based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania engaged in the public proclamation of the Gospel.

Sammy Tippit Ministries -
Evangelism and revival center for international evangelist.
Sonshine Ministries, Inc. - A ministry to the military community worldwide by supporting and working with military chaplains.
Word of Life Fellowship Inc. -
Ministry organization committed to reaching youth with the Gospel. Ministries include camps, productions, church programs, international ministries and a Bible Institute.

World Gospel Mission -
An interdenominational, international, missionary organization committed to making Christ known to all peoples. Comprised of over 250 missionaries from more than twenty denominations.
York, Kent: Ignite Ministries -
Berryville, Arkansas. Biography and family information. Calendar and contact.
AD2000 & Beyond Movement -
A global, informal network of Christian missionary agencies, denominations, churches and individuals committed to world evangelism.
Bible Believers Fellowship -
Nondenominational prison ministry offering English and Spanish materials to chaplains and inmates and providing counseling to convicts.
The Christian Jew Foundation (CJF) -
Spreads the Good News of Yeshua HaMashiach via missionaries, literature, videos, and its radio broadcast "Messianic Perspectives."

Christian Ministry to Prison Inmates -
Christian Ambassadors provides a non-denominational, gospel centered, correspondence ministry to prison inmates, including newsletters, spiritual growth lessons, and personal correspondence.

Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary -
An international interdenominational organization and home of the sisterhood built within the framework of the German Evangelical (Protestant) Church.
Evangelist Roger Whipp -
Former London cop shares his testimony & details of his international ministry. Site contains testimonies of healing and Christian links.
Into the Light Ministries -
A Spirit-filled end times ministry dedicated to preaching the fullness of the gospel.
Jews for Jesus -
Organization whose goal is to "make the Messiahship of Jesus an unavoidable issue to the Jewish people." Contains chat, links, and an extensive library of reading material about Y'shua.
Payton Ministries - LordSong -
Main ministry focus is to reach the "teens through forties" age group with the life-changing reality of Jesus Christ. Provides rally and concert information.

RBC Ministries -
Leading people of all nations to personal faith in Christ, to growth in Christlikeness, and to involvement in a local church, by teaching the Word of God in every way possible.
Steiger International -
Reaching the Global Youth Culture for Jesus Christ - Steiger is an international ministry of Youth With A Mission (YWAM).
Team Expansion -
Partners with local churches to plant churches among unreached people groups. Over 150 full-time Team Expansion workers are currently serving in two dozen countries.

Blessit, Arthur -
Worldwide cross-carrying evangelist tells his story.
Chapman, John Wilbur -
A biography of an 1859-1918, Presbyterian evangelist and pastor.
Chapman, John Wilbur: Papers of John Wilbur Chapman -
Data from the Presbyterian Historical Society of correspondence, sermons, sermon notes, photographs, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, and memorabilia documenting the life and ministry of J. Wilbur Chapman.

Creel, Randall -
Itinerant preacher and evangelistic with the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. Features a schedule, resources and endorsements.

Dorrell, Nathan and Kathy: The Dazzling Dorrells -
Shares the gospel through juggling, art and story-telling together with their kids.
Farina, Sam: Sam Farina Ministries -
Huntersville, North Carolina. Evangelism and leadership coaching. Newsletter, itinerary and booking information.
Frank L. McClanahan -
Includes sermons, schedule, articles, contacts, and information on the church he pastors.

James, Kevin -
Preaching revival, healing, and miracles.
John, Sujo: Sujo John Ministries -
An evangelist, launched into ministry following his survival of the tragic attack on September 11, 2001.
Lynch, Ken -
Provides information on evangelist, schedule, prayer letter, meeting preparation items, and contact methods.

Mike Pelletier Ministries -
Includes information on evangelist and his team. Itinerary, ministries, news, sermons, and contacts.
Myers, Jack: Jack Myers Ministries -
Matison, Illinois. Traveling evangelist and revivalist.
No Greater Love Ministry -
Evangelist David Nelson. Provides ministry information, beliefs, messages, and contact details.
Notgrass, Robert -
Church of Christ Evangelist features articles, sermons, pictures along with questions and answers.

Papania, Tom: God's Saving Grace Ministries -
Prison ministry and evangelist. Testimony and newsletter.
Pitts, Aleechea: Paulean Ministries -
An evangelistic preaching ministry based in Vineland, NJ.
Robinson, Mickey: Prophetic Destiny International -
Bookstore, testimony, schedule, and contact information.
Sivnksty, Scott -
Provides contacts, schedule, recommendations, and personal testimony.

Solbrekken, Max:: World Missions -
Based in Canada, preaches the gospel around the world. Features a crusade schedule, articles, sermons, and special events.

St, John, Buffy: Declare The Word International -
Singer, author, and evangelist.
Sunday, William Ashley: Billy Sunday On-line -
The life and times of an early-20th-century evangelist. Includes sermons, photographs and a biography.
Wheeler, Keith -
Stories, pictures, and thoughts from one who has carried a cross through more than 100 countries.
Wheeler, Lynn: Lynn Wheeler Ministries -
Assemblies of God Evangelist. News of church planting mission trips.
Wheeler, Richard: Mantle Ministries -
Evangelist/Historian offers evangelistic presentations about America's Christian heritage.

White, Gordon: Gordon White Ministries -
Pastor and Evangelist based in Athens, GA. Meeting schedule, testimonies, and teaching cassettes.

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