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We have gathered an assortment of links to organizations doing great missionary work. We applaud the efforts of people spreading the Word in various settings, often far from home. Our mission is to free families of pornography. Our Christian company has helped thousands of families over 14 years to stop the scourge of pornography. We specialize in helping the porn addicted. We hope this page will help people get involved in mission work.

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Solomon's Porch -
Provides a database of missionary websites, mission organizations, and mission related resources.
The world’s leading gathering place for locating Christian mission trips. Search through hundreds of short term, medical, domestic and international mission trips including orphanages.
The Mission Station -
Web directory of conservative Christian missions related resources.
Evangelism Mission
Proclaiming Clear Biblical Salvation through Jesus Christ who produces a transformed life!
The Christian Missions Home Page    -
The Christian Missions Home Page and the home of The Great Commission Search Engine. Resource for those interested in World Missions.
YWAM International    -
An international interdenominational Christian family of ministries, with over 600 locations and 10,000 volunteer staff worldwide in about 130 countries. Tens of thousands more people are involved on a short-term basis each year.

Christ For The Nations -
An international missions organization providing worldwide humanitarian aid, evangelism and assistance with church planting.
Christ In Youth -
Short term trips for high school and college aged people. Every fall this organization holds its "On Purpose" World Evangelism conference.
Christian Outreach International -
Sending believers into all the world using short-term and full-time mission ventures that utilize sports, performing arts, teaching English and witnessing to convey the good news of Jesus Christ.

Christian missions:
A Church for every people and the Gospel for every person.  Southern Nazarene University — fulfilling the Great Commission.     Howard Culbertson, Professor of Christian missions and world evangelism

Church Ministries International -
An evangelical, interdenominational mission organization dedicated to helping urban churches in Latin America and Spain evangelize their city and nation.
Ellel Ministries International -
A Christian mission organization with a vision to welcome people, teach them about the kingdom of God and heal those in need.
Guyana Missions -
Mission work of the Churches of Christ in Guyana, South America.
International Union of Gospel Missions -
Provides over 30 million meals and 12 million nights of lodging each year to the homeless and needy.
Mission Possible Foundation -
Non-profit Christian organization providing humanitarian aid, education, leadership training, ministry to children, and literature publication and distribution in eastern block countries.

Missionary Aviation Fellowship -
The purpose of MAFis to multiply the effectiveness of the Church using aviation and other strategic technologies to reach the world for Christ.

5 Smooth Stones -
Providing opportunities and empowering youth to participate in Christian missions.
U.S. Center for World Mission -
Dedicated to reaching the world's 10,000 remaining unreached people groups. Information, resources, and training opportunities.
American Baptist Home Mission: National Ministries -
Committed to Jesus Christ and the ministries of Witness, Renewal and Justice.

Armed Forces Baptist Missions -
A fundamental and independent sponsoring agency for worldwide military evangelism.
Baptist Haiti Mission -
reaching Haiti for Christ through missions
Baptist International Evangelistic Ministries -
Missionary sending agency. Includes history, missionaries, news, doctrinal position, projects, publications, and reports.
Baptist Mid-Missions -
Sponsoring missionaries worldwide. Admission requirements and opportunities for ministry.
Bibles International -
Bible translation, publication, and literacy services of Baptist Mid-Missions to missionaries and nationals worldwide.

BMS World Mission -
Working on four continents and involved in church planting, development, disaster relief, education, health, and media and advocacy.

Continental Baptist Missions -
independent, fundamentalist mission agency focusing on home missions
Free Will Baptist Foreign Missions -
Based in Antioch, Tennessee.
Independent Baptist Indian Mission, Inc. -
reaching Native Americans for Christ
International Ministries -
International missions arm of American Baptist Churches.
Macedonia World Baptist Missions -
Seeks to assist local independent Baptist churches in support of their missionary families.

World Changers -
Southern Baptist short term mission opportunities.
Deaf Missions -
Deaf Missions is a Christian mission dedicated to helping deaf people SEE Jesus Christ, so they may accept Jesus as Savior and grow in Jesus.
Lifeline Christian Mission -
Lifeline Christian Mission is doctrinally aligned with non-denominational independent Christian Churches and Churches of Christ.

CMF International -
Indianapolis, IN. Christian Missionary Fellowship is a missions agency at work in 16 countries drawing people into relationship with Christ and His Church.
FAME Fellowship of Associates of Medical Evangelism -
Indianapolis, IN. Dedicated to bringing help and hope to least reached people in underdeveloped nations through medical evangelism, hospitals, churches, medicines, medical equipment and personnel.
International Disaster Emergency Service -
Serves as a channel for Christian Churches, Churches of Christ and individual Christians to meet the physical and spiritual needs of suffering people throughout the world. Describes current projects and programs.

Korean Christian Gospel Mission -
Preaching ministry of Dr. Yoon Kwan Chae.
S T A D I A - New Church Strategies -
Ministry dedicated to planting independent Christian Churches all across North America.
Team Expansion -
Louisville, KY. Pairs with local churches to send and sustain teams of interdependent missionaries to plant indigenous churches among the unreached people.

The Apple of His Eye Mission Society -
Courageously declaring Y'shua as the Messiah, urgently equipping believers in Jesus to do the same.
Association of Lutheran Mission Agencies -
ALMA - Provides fraternal and spiritual support to Lutheran mission agencies, societies and mission-involved congregations.

Concordia Lutheran Mission Society -
Listed service organization of Lutheran Church-Canada supporting the evangelistic efforts of the church.
Haiti Lutheran Mission Society, USA -
Mission outreach of Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod congregations in the United States. Upcoming trips, reports, and board of directors.
Lutheran Women's Missionary League -
The official women's organization of The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod. The LWML supports mission outreach and personal spiritual development.
World Evangelical Alliance -
Working in a strategic alliance with the Global Task Force of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada to provide a media and information exchange of articles, missions opportunities, and a global calendar of events.

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