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Dear Friends,
Little did I know when we began True Vine Online that my work  here would be a big part of my recovery from alcoholism. Every day I speak with folks calling us to get filtered Internet service in response to either their own struggle or someone close. Usually, it is addiction to pornography that is the problem I hear on the phone. But to me it's a "meeting" because whether your drug is alcohol, cocaine, or nude pictures, the result is the same. Addiction robs you first of your spirituality, then your mental well being, and finally of your physical health. 

 In my case, although I had stopped drinking for nearly a year, it wasn't until I gave in, admitted I was helpless, dropped to my knees, and asked for help, that I finally began to be free of the obsession. Now, I'm happier with a few years worth of "one day at a time" behind me. Speaking with you, hearing of your faith, hearing of your struggles, is an important part of my day and in the tradition of Bill Wilson helps me to add one more day of sobriety. Thank you. I wish you well, and hope some of what we do at True Vine Online helps you.

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Christians in Recovery, Inc. (CIR) is an organization dedicated to mutual sharing of strength and hope as we live each day in recovery. We work to regain and maintain balance and order in our lives through active discussion of the 12 Steps, the Bible, and experiences in our own recovery from abuse, family dysfunction, depression, anxiety, grief, relationships and/or addictions of alcohol, drugs, food, pornography etc.


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This site gives you...
  • A way to help you stand strong when tempted by Internet pornography.
  •  A quick-opening web site you can visit and bookmark
  •  Three-minute Bible studies to occupy your time right now
  •  On-line Bible and concordance
  •  New material daily
  •  Other helpful web sites
Focus on the Family has created this Web site as a practical resource for individuals who want to overcome the grip of online pornography and affairs

is a non-profit, interdenominational organization that exists in order to equip churches to effectively minister healing to people impacted by sexual sin
Stone Gate Resources 
Offers hope with hard answers to difficult questions.  It is a ministry that offers substantial change with what is wrong with our lives without giving shallow spiritual advice. All our resources are directed towards finding God and meaningfully overcoming what is wrong.
-Dr. Harry W. Schaumburg, 
Executive Director
Total Security Anti Virus Alcoholics Victorious
Support groups offer a safe environment where recovering people who recognize Jesus Christ as their "Higher Power"  gather together and share their experience, strength and hope. Both the 12 Steps and the Alcoholics Victorious Creed are used at most AV meetings.
The Swordless Battle
This page serves as a beacon of light for fellow teenage guys that are trapped in the storm of pornography addiction and homosexuality. I hope that it can be of help to you!
The Online Sexual Addiction Course consists of nine self-paced modules and a discussion area where you can ask Dr. Putnam questions about sexual addiction.
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Sexual Addiction - Twelve Step
  • Sexaholics Anonymous  
  • Sexual Compulsives Anonymous  
  • Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous  
  •  S-Anon International Family Groups
  • If you're a Christian and struggling with pornography
    know that God loves you and does not condemn you.
    If you ask for wisdom to stand strong, he promises to give it to you.  (Quoted from
    General Resources (Commercial Clinics)
  • Sexual Addiction Recovery Resources  
  • Sexual Recovery Institute
  • Sex Help
  • Sober Recovery
  • Recovery Connection Hotline

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    Recovery Zones -
    Drug addiction prevention, treatment and recovery resources.

    Adult Children Anonymous (ACA) Ottawa -
    self-help group for those who experienced a dysfunctional family during childhood and suffer adverse affects in adulthood.

    S-Anon International Family Groups -
    the only requirement for membership is that there be a problem of sexaholism in a relative or friend.
    Porn-free Ministries - provides information on escaping porn addiction, tips on avoiding it, breaking the habit, spiritual aspects, real stories, and links.

    Addictions and Life -
    A.A. Louisiana, N.A. Louisiana and general information about addiction.

    Co-Anon Family Groups -
    a fellowship of men and women who are husbands, wives, parents, relatives or close friends of someone who is chemically dependent.
    Benzodiazepine Addiction

    Anonymous One - The stories are those of experience, strength, and hope
    Christian Recovery Internationalhelping Christians recover from abuse, addiction and trauma.
    Recovery Resources Online -over 2000 resources for mental health, eating disorders, alcoholism and addiction, bipolar, schizophrenia and recovery links.
    Statement of Faith:
    The owners and staff of True Vine Online are all Christians. Individually, we belonging to a variety of different denominations. What we all share is a solid belief in the principles stated in the Apostles Creed and a commitment to live our lives to glorify Jesus Christ our Lord and savior.
    Addiction Recovery Blog -
    A discussion of the challenges and joys of addiction recovery.
    Safe Families: Pornography Addiction Recovery
    Provides resources for urban ministries to help address the issue of pornography addiction.
    Addiction Recovery Resource Center -
    Offers nationwide alcohol and drug addiction rehabilitation information and resources.
    Discount Program saves you moneyTVO DISCOUNT
    Our customers get discounts on movie tickets, movie rentals, Broadway shows,  sports events, theme parks, hotels & more!
    Road To Recovery -
    12 step recovery program based upon biblical principles.
    Celebrate Recovery at Saddleback Church -
    Recovery ministry to fellowship and celebrate God´s healing power through the "Eight Recovery Principles" to become free from our addictive, compulsive, and dysfunctional behaviors. Lake Forest, California.
    Recovery Central -
    Central resources and information for dependency and addiction prevention and recovery.

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