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We have gathered an assortment of links to sites for Christian children. Please remember kids need guidance using the Internet. While we have tried very hard to be sure all sites listed here are safe sometimes a site changes. Please report if you find any sites listed here that should be removed. While you are here click to find out how our parental controls can help.

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Cheerful Greetings! I'm Boinger. I'm a childrens doll with Bible stories of hope & confidence for your life. Click me to visit my site.

Veggie Tales ...
The Official Home of VeggieTales, free online games, and all around silliness!

Since Young Life began in 1940, its leaders have cared enough to leave the comfort of their adult worlds and enter the arena of high school and middle school life. You will find Young Life leaders sitting in the stands at football games, walking the streets of inner-city neighborhoods, driving carloads of kids to the shopping malls or tutoring students in study centers after school. In fact, you will find them almost anywhere you can find kids. Young Life leaders model trust, respect, and responsibility to their young friends, and they do it within a meaningful context, within the context of a teenager's world.

Pine Cove Christian Camps & Conference Center - nonprofit nondenominational Christian summer camp, year-round conference center and rental facility located in Tyler, Texas.

I'd Like to Ask God - Nancy Spiegelberg is the author of a children's book of Bible stories, done in verse, and beautifully illustrated. She is also the co-author of a collection of inspirational poems, Fanfare: A Celebration of Belief.

Touch of Fire Kid's World -
A learning site for young Christian kids. Bible stories, music, counting, letters of the alphabet, multiplication tables, and a Bible quiz.
Michigan Christian Youth Camp -
affiliated with the Church of Christ. For children aged 8 to 18.
Virtual Church Kids -
Bible stories for older kids, coloring pages for younger ones. Links to other Christian sites for kids.
HIS Kids Radio -
Full-time Christian radio just for kids. Site includes live Internet broadcasts, program schedule, news, audio files, and links.
Yolen, Jane -
Known as the Hans-Christian Anderson of America, site includes her journal, awards, and activities for kids and teachers.
Godly Girls For God -
A Christian site for girls who love the Lord and want to serve Him!
The Christian Place for Kids -
Bible stories, Bible dictionary, puzzles, and stories to encourage kids to live Christian lives.
We Kids radio -
Bible-based radio for kids and their families.
Kids 4 Truth -
Answers questions such as "Who is God?" Uses multimedia presentations.
Family Worship KidsZone -
Includes jokes, games, puzzles, and a free newsletter with competitions. Written by Christian kids for Christian kids.
Bible Study with A Kid's Heart -
Christian games, memory verses, and printable Bible study resources for kids and their teachers.
Kids' Chronicle -
Bible stories for kids 6-12. Questions to think about, a weekly puzzle, contests.  Catholic site. -
Stories, games, activities, and daily devotionals from Child Evangelism Fellowship. Requires free registration.

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