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We have prepared various solutions for Internet Content Management. We use a variety of Internet Filter technologies and match the best content management solution for your needs. Do you have more computers or devices than listed here? Call for a quote for your church, school, or business. Total Windows security available as well including anti-virus, firewall, and our content management services.

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Works with any provider.
Blocks dangerous content.
Up to 3 computers.
Windows or Mac
Options for mobile.
iPhone iPad iPod.
Android phone or tablet.
Includes Email
Support by phone

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True Vine Online Email
All customers get up to 5 Email addresses with less spam and access to Google Apps.

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True Vine Online Services and Pricing
Try True Vine Online FREE for one month.
We will not charge your card until 30 days after your signup date.
All Accounts Include:
  • TVO Block-It Web Filtering 
  • Up to 5 Email Addresses
  • Access to Google Apps with each email address
  • Incoming Email Anti-Virus Scanning
  • Email synching with your mobile device
  • True Vine Online General & Christian Web Directory
  • Technical Support Phone Hotline
Buy A Combination Plan
Or Buy Separately

Buy Separately

Internet Filter Service
for Desktops and Laptops
Bought Separately (no mobile)
                  For up to 3 computers.   Buy Now
Pay Every Payment Cost per Month
1 Month $11.95 $11.95
3 Months 30.95 $10.32
Additional computers (over 3) $2.00 month each
Additional computers (over 3) $5.00 quarterly each
Internet Filter Service
for Mobile Devices
              iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android Phone or Tablet

Bought Separately (no desktops/laptops)  Buy Now
One Device $9.95 per month
Two Devices $15.95 per month
Three Devices $20.95 per month
 Four Devices $24.95 per month
 Over 4 Devices Add $4.00 per month each device

Combination Family Plans
Covers Desktops/Laptops & Mobile Devices 
Buy Now
(Windows/Mac iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android Phone, Android Tablet)

Number of Desktops/Laptops Number of Mobile Devices Cost per Month
Up To 3 1 $17.95
Up to 3 2 $21.95
Up to 3 3 $26.95
Up to 3 4 $30.95
4 1 $21.95
4 2 $24.95
4 3 $28.95
4 4 $32.95
Additional Laptops/ Desktops (beyond above) $2.00 month each
Additional Mobile Devices (beyond above) $4.00 month each
AVG Cloud Care For Windows  Buy Now
Anti Virus with Firewall $4.00 Per Month Per Computer
Online Backup Per 25G $10.00 Per Month (not per computer)

True Vine Online DSL
(Prices include filter for Up to 3 Desktops/Laptops)
As low as $27.95 per month.
Prices vary by location and available speeds.
Phone us for a quote.
(No free trial on DSL accounts)


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