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Answers to Bible Questions - Provided by Don Martin of the Holly Street church of Christ, Denver, Colorado. Opportunity to ask a question. Archives of past questions and answers. "These articles have been controversial to some because they teach plain truths from God's word that are opposed to modern day thinking."
Children's Ministry Today -
The first comprehensive site for Children's Ministry with awesome resources in ballooning, cartooning, puppetry, ventriloquism, magic, rebus, family devotions, music, clowning, object lessons, free lessons, crafts, kids' game pages, and more! Also hosts, the international "Children's Pastors' Network" and "The Lynx - Children's Ministry Mall", an extensive collection of Children's Ministry URLs.
CROSS+WORD Christian Resource:
Exposing Endtimes Deception -
Critical examination of doctrines such as holy laughter, Promise Keepers, Latter Rain, Word of Faith, Restoration, etc.
EBible Class Teacher -
Resources for teachers that use the computer in the Bible Class or Sunday School. An electronic magazine with software reviews, free graphics, electronic literature, video projector & PC/TV converter info, tips, tricks, games.
EWTN Catholic Network -
Catholic Church Document and RealAudio Libraries of Catholic tv programming on demand. Libraries cover Papal Encyclicals, Canon Law, home schooling, pro-life issues, apologetics, Mother Angelica Live, more
FreeBooks from the Institute for Christian Economics -
By EntreWave - Leveraging technology for God's Kingdom. Online books.
Gospel Chapel -
Commercial site. This site offers Christian books, daily devotional, sermon tapes, on-line sermons and more.
The Wedding Boutique
We specialize in Quality Wedding Programs at a great price and fast customer service. Order Blank Wedding Programs or have The Wedding Boutique print your information inside for you.
Guide to Web Evangelism & Internet Gospel Outreach -
This page includes : Writing testimonies & articles that communicate, the importance of language & culture, new ideas for page subjects, counseling, using search engines to increase hits, newsgroups & chat rooms, and the best webmaster & promotion resources.

Ministry Tools Resource Center -
Teachers, leaders, and others in church ministry find training on spiritual gifts, body life, classroom discipline and more, curriculum, ministry profiles, and recommended books.
Multi-Language Media -
Commercial site. Sells foreign language Christian materials. -
Christian resources including salvation information, Bible study tools, electronic Bibles and Christian books, Web-based Christian E-mail, software.
Third Millennium Ministries -
Reformed (Calvinistic) Christian education resources online: articles and commentaries by seminary professors; Real Video seminary level courses; Real Audio sermons; question and answer forum; weekly e-zine; scholarly links.
Christians at Work -
Christians at Work provides resources and teaching to mobilise Christians to live out their faith in the world of work
Christian Resources Exhibitions -
Features directory of exhibitions and resources directory
WCTD: World Christian Tract Directory -
Extensive tract resource lists and commentaries for Christian evangelism.
Christian Counseling and Christian Counseling Resources -
Counseling materials and links to Christian Counseling resources on the web. Materials for both Counselors and those seeking help. Scripture, books, links, etc.
JavaCasa -
A comprehensive Christian resource site.
Graduate Impact -
For Christians seeking to live out their faith in the working world. Features articles and other helpful resources
Free Christian -
A directory of items available for use on Christian websites. This site also accepts submissions.
Christian Speakers Network -
Online searchable directory of affordable Christian speakers and evangelists, most asking only for an offering.
Shadow of the Steeple Ministries -
Christian printing ministry with a mission to supply free gospel tracts, brochures, and Christian literature.
World Christian Resource Directory -
Resources for evangelism for Christians, pastors and missionaries. Bible study aids, foreign language material, places to buy Bibles, and other resources for missions and outreach to unreached people.
Christian Mommies -
Christian parenting articles, resources, and message boards. -
Articles and resources geared for Christian homemakers. Topics include housekeeping, recipes, entertaining, gardening, family activities, parenting, and marriage.
123 Christian -
A searchable directory of Christian businesses that also provides forums and other resources for business owners.
Hospital Chaplaincy Gateway -
Resources and discussion for hospital chaplains.
Peacemaker Ministries -
Training and resources to help resolve and prevent church conflict.
Fishers of Kids -
Free curriculum, puppets, skits, games and resources.


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