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  • We will tailor the service to fit your needs.
  • We have  a variety of technologies we can use.
  • We specialize in helping with children & teenagers
  • We understand & can help with pornography addiction.
  • We'll change strategies as your family needs change.
  • No big impersonal provider can provide our level of service.
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We use site blocking lists,  BUT we don't stop there!
  • Blocking List:  under our control
  • Blocking List:  updated daily
    No updates required by customer
  • Blocking List:  human edited
    We don't rely on machines to do our job.
    We correct site category errors
  • Search Term Filtering
    Blocks searches with with no legitimate results

  • Example: no need to search for "blondes"
  • Word filtering: after a threshold
    Avoids most false blocking.
  • Pattern Matching
    Identifies sites not on our blocking list yet
  • Voluntary Ratings Detection
    Reads ratings used by competing technologies
  • DNS Matching & Reverse Lookup
    Blocks sites that disguise their true identity
  • Email Filtering
    Our customers also have their email filtered to catch ads for pornography.
Be sure your filter provider is coming from a Christian perspective AND is not using an "out of the box" secular filter.

Many providers use filter solutions supplied to them by secular companies & these companies often categorize fundamentalist Christian sites as "hate speech" because the site denounces things like the gay lifestyle or if the site denounces borderline cult denominations.
Deals first of all with pornography.
In addition a number of other classes of services are blocked. Marketing sites for alcohol, tobacco and drugs are blocked.  Sites providing bootlegged software, bookie services, on-line gambling and access to illegal drugs are blocked. 

Designed to avoid over blocking. 
  • Some filters use lists generated by computers. 
  • Some filters are based on a "artificial" rules. 
  • Some filters use minimum wage students 
  • to identify the bad sites. 
Blocking list edited by humans 
Thoughtful consideration of each entry to the blocking list.
If a site isn't categorized properly, we correct it.

Our Filter  -  Our Control

Our filtering system was designed specifically to OUR specifications by programmers who CONSTANTLY implement changes as they discover the need. We control the block list from a Christian perspective. 

Internet providers using "out of the box" filters simply wait & hope the next release will address any weaknesses. True Vine's method of filtering costs more but we  feel the expense is well worth it. After all, "our families use the Internet too".

Questions & Answers

How is a server based filter different?  Why is server based filtering better?
Some software programs analyze a page AFTER it gets received into your computer.
While better than having no filtering they have their drawbacks.  Analyzing the page after it's received slows your computer.
Our filter checks the site you are going with our server BEFORE the page is received into your computer.
Our server does all the heavy lifting. Your computer does NOT slow down.

Server based filtering is more accurate

Are all server based filtering providers the same?
NO.. Some use Inclusion filtering, others use Exclusion filtering.
Some use word blocks, others use site blocking lists.
We use all those & more.
Most importantly, we consult with YOU to determine the correct mix for your family.

What is INclusion filtering?
NOT the kind we use...
Inclusion filtering ONLY allows you to go to sites that are pre approved and as such gives you only a tiny slice of the Internet to access.
Companies that offer this type of filtering brag that it is 100% effective.
Well, yes, if they only allow you to go to SESAME STREET they can guarantee you'll see NO pornography.
BUT there are hundreds of millions of great sites you may want or need to see not included in their limited selection.

What is EXclusionary filtering?
This is the kind we use...
Allows you the ENTIRE Internet with the exception of sites identified as offensive.
This type approach is the best filter uses the best possible methods of screening content.
Our server based approach is the best and most accurate.

What are site blocking lists?
We use site blocking lists BUT we don't stop there... 
Some companies only use a blocking list of bad sites but relying solely on a blocking list will miss new sites or sites that have changed since being reviewed.  

What other steps do you take beyond blocking lists?
See our combination of blocking techniques above.

What about opposing viewpoints?
Every Internet provider has a filtering philosophy. 
Ours is to protect you and your family from danger and temptation.
 We do not attempt to shelter our customers from ideas which differ with our ideas or even with our morals. 
Sites that express ideas that we as Christians cannot accept as well as sites promoting beliefs other than our own  will not be blocked, unless it is explicit or presents danger. 

What happens when a user tries to access a blocked site?
The user will be presented with a screen that says they have been blocked from the site they are trying to visit.
At this point the user may request a review if they believe the site blocking was in error.

Requests for review are handled within 24 hours & results of review emailed to customer.

Why should you choose True Vine instead of another filter service?
Why should you choose a Christian company to block pornography?
How does the filter work? Why is it the best?
What is a "Managed Internet Filter"?
How can I stop getting so much junk mail?

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